Why is Bodywork so important? And How to get started?

Why is Bodywork so important? And How to get started?

Bodywork Introduction.

Why is Bodywork so important? Why does it face my other side? Why is Bodywork not only beneficial for my health but also for my personal Growth? Why is it the best way to even start my personal journey? Why do we believe it’s one of the most powerful and underrated tools of personal development?

The following will answer all these Questions and introduce you to the section “Bodywork” on this website. I encourage you to completely read the following introduction into Bodywork before you continue to dive into the different forms of it presented here. It will help you to get a broader understanding of Bodywork and how you can best use it for yourself.

Your Body is an incredible tool to work on your other side! It’s a perfect way to start your journey to free yourself and there are countless of advantages once you started. Yet not many people actually have started and used the incredible potential of Bodywork for their own personal development. This is largely, as with so many things, because of our interfering rational mind-set. But let’s start from the beginning:

What is Bodywork?

Bodywork is not as you may think based on the words body & work just a set of exercises or a workout. Although it can be and obviously has a physical nature – this is just the superficial part of it. Bodywork is a holistic approach to treating the body. One of the aims of body work is to get access and to release blocked emotions & stress in the body.
Blocked Emotions in the Body? Probably like you, I was super rational in the past and only believed in cause and effect. And this sounded like some esoteric money making scheme to me. Bodywork claims that with only gentle touches or by just moving your body in certain ways, people get access to states of very deep emotions and for instance start to cry sometimes for hours.

Based on cause & effect and our prevailing rational mind-set this seems very hard to believe. Our rational mind usually treats the mind & body as separate entities. And especially our Body is not valued and respected very much. A lot of people don’t really use their body. And even more people don’t have any awareness in their body. You may disagree but very fast you will realize, that what we only value is our Bodies physical appearance. How we look? Whether we are beautiful? And how to get in shape? The Superficiality. But it has nothing to do with really feeling our body and being aware of it.
The only time we actually do get aware of our Body is when it stops to function like we (our mind) want it to. But apart from that we treat it just as a place for our minds to rest on and to carry our heads around in this world.

Our Body is a feeling unit.

We all know that if something happens to us in our external world, to our mind, for example when someone screams at us it can trigger certain emotions. And usually the input determines the output of our emotional response. But that this can happen equally strong and even stronger just by holding a hand over our body or by gently moving our body seems to be very hard for our rational minds to comprehend. Just gently touching a body part seems to be a too little input to cause a strong emotional outburst over hours. It seems to be against the rule of what goes around, comes around and it also assumes that our body is actually not a separate entity but a feeling unit itself.

Bodywork is like remembering.

But in one way our rationality is right! Just holding a hand over our body is a too little Input to provoke such a strong emotional output in the here and now. But our rationality makes a mistake here. We muddle something up. The reason is: Our upcoming, strong Emotions do not stem from this present moment! They are triggered but not caused by the intensity of our input. This is to say our upcoming, strong Emotions are part of our past. Wait this sounds complicated. To understand this clearer let’s have a look at remembering: When you see something, this optical stimulus can trigger a memory of your past, which then can cause very strong emotions. Bodywork functions very similar.

When Bodywork is applied to specific parts of your body it can be like remembering. You are getting access to past Emotions and have the opportunity to release them. In a way your body basically stores subconscious traumas, experiences in the form of connected emotions in parts of our Body. Bodywork then aims to detect them and to release these connected emotions from the past.

Wait for a second. Do you realize what this means? This is astonishing! Your Body provides you with a natural map of past undigested events/traumas of your whole life. So your body not only tells you something in the form of illnesses but also offers you the great chance to work on these past undigested events and traumas. This is all we could wish for if you’re seriously interested in personal development and to become a free person. It’s like a step by step guide to free yourself.

The physical brings incredible transformative results.

What is even more amazing about Bodywork is you don’t need to intellectualize it, you don’t need to believe it, you just do Bodywork and see that it works. The body can’t lie! The body always tells the truth. And this is exactly why I so strongly recommend you to start your personal journey with Bodywork. Our western culture favours the physical and incredibly there is a work out there which is physical but lets you achieve deep inner results. The Kahuni – indigenous ancient healers of Hawaii call Bodywork: “The clever path through the backdoor,” because it bypasses our mental guardians (in the form of our rational opinions and belief systems). Since we all know how hard it is to loosen the grip of our prevailing rationality this is such a nice way to get us westerners started.

Bodywork is a perfect first step because, once our mind becomes calm in the process, we are able to hear our own inner voice of wisdom and intuition much clearer. We are then able to realize our desired changes much easier. Plus, it’s easier for us to start with deeper Mind and Transformative work which before may seemed crazy to our rational mind.

But why does our body store all these Emotions if they are unhealthy for us? When we want to release them later anyway?

To explain that, let’s use another example of cause & effect. If you eat one apple. The one apple is 100% of what you ate. Your body uses maybe 80% of the energy and the remaining 20% of it is discarded. Of course, this is super simplified and the percentages are probably totally wrong, but that is not important. What is only important for us right now is that – the same amount of what goes in, has to go out in some way or another.

Now let’s take a traumatic situation in your childhood. Let’s say 100% of the connected negative energy of this situation goes inside you. According to cause and effect, you should then digest 100% of the negativity to really have processed and integrated it. The Problem is you are just a child. You cannot just say “No”, you cannot just leave and decide to take your time to process it for yourself. Usually someone else decides for you. In the past there were even sayings like: “children should be seen and not heard.” So, what happens when something hurts you so much and you don’t have the ability to cope with it is, you detach from it and from the feeling. But according to cause & effect the negativity is still inside you. It can’t just simply disappear. So, what happens is that you subconsciously cut off parts of your body and store it there. It is an automated subconscious response to save you like a natural protection. A coping mechanism. And very old language expressions like: “You had a lot to swallow” show us the painful truth of it.
Sadly, this does not only happen when we are little. In our western society, it is not valued to display our feelings and emotions, especially for men. So, although as adults we finally have the power to process and integrate, we often still suppress our emotions and feelings. But what’s the impact of all that?
It blocks us, it inhibits us, it makes us fear and not live a free life and it can lead to serious illnesses.

But if we are aware of it now. why don’t we just consciously let all these emotions out?

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as that. Intellectually you know you need to release these skeletons in your closet, your traumas, your negative emotions but the problem is you don’t have access to it because they are buried deep in your sub consciousness. Imagine you suppressed these strong emotions and events successfully for years, maybe decades. These traumatic Events and their connected Emotions lie deep within your Body. So deep that your consciousness is not even aware of them anymore. You cut them off completely. Therefore, tools like Bodywork are so vital. They help you to regain access to it and to release the connected, blocked emotions.

But what if I didn’t have any traumatic experiences? And even if I did have, why should I bother to bring this old stuff up again?

Ask yourself? Do you feel free?
Because if you listen to your Body, if you trust your intuition, most of us feel that they are not completely free. We often have problems with our body. Often they are chronic. And more often its one particular Bodypart that bothers us all the time. We often intuitively sense that something is not totally right. We experience some form of unclassifiable discomfort. We feel that we are not in charge of our full potential. I myself always had that feeling of discomfort and that I am not in charge of my full potential yet. That somehow I just have access to let’s say 70% of it.

But even if you don’t have that and already feel amazing it’s worth it to just give it a try and see for yourself, especially if you’re interested to develop yourself and to grow. I bet you will be surprised. No matter how perfect your family seems to be – every family has their skeletons in the closet. Moreover, sometimes the traumatic situations that come up during Bodywork seem from an adult perspective quite insignificant or not tragic at all. Yet bear in mind that for a child things are quite different. For a little toddler being left alone at home for a little too long can already be very traumatic. In the end I suggest to look at it from this standpoint:

You are very very likely to have stored at least some sort of traumatic Events and Emotions in parts of your body. Your Body used a coping mechanism to do this. In the process Body parts of you were cut off and filled with negative Emotions to naturally protect you. So inevitably areas of your body are blocked with suppressed, negative Energy which in turn is very likely to block or interfere with the intended function of this Body part. Moreover, we all know the strong impact of negativity. So, if there is a tool to get rid of all that? The question is rather, why not use it? If that still didn’t convince you – here are some more advantages:

Why should I start doing Bodywork?

Our Body & Mind are not separate entities! They are very close connected and we can take advantage of the fact that each effected change in our body brings along a change in our feelings and belief system. The list of advantages of Bodywork is almost endless, but let’s sum it up again: You should start doing Bodywork, because:

  • It’s an amazing way to get us rational westerners started to face our other side, because it bypasses our rational mental guardians
  • You can spend a lifetime trying to forget a few minutes of your childhood, but if you decide to work on it, this is when real transformation happens
  • It gets you deep transformative results with only a physical input
  • It makes you actually feel your body. We all suffer from an unfelt Body
  • It reconnects you with your intuition and in the process, opens you up & prepares you for deeper work (Mindwork & Transformativework)
  • It releases the trauma that was ensconced in your body. By healing the trauma in your body first you are able to heal the psychological trauma
  • It helps you to become more flexible. Both in the mind & in the body. (Body-Mind connection) And Flexibility is success
  • It releases chronic discomfort, pain & stress
  • It heals your body and is good for your overall wellbeing
  • It balances your imbalance towards your mind. It helps you to be more in the present moment
  • It is your most honest tool. The body cant lie! The body always tells the truth.
  • It provides you with a guide and a map to free yourself and to access your full potential.
  • Once you started – A higher self-esteem and a higher level of efficiency on all levels of life will blossom within a better organized and more flexible body.

How to go get started?

Usually classical Bodywork is described as a combination of physical touch and therapy. But I believe this excludes a lot and that Bodywork can have many different active forms too. With the right intentions, any movement can be a form of Bodywork! Therefore, at Masterofloveandlife.com we are going to divide different forms of Movement only by their level of ability to face your other side and to transform yourself. The scale ranges from very gentle to deeply transformative and gives you a great overview. Moreover, we will differentiate between active and passive Bodywork. Active Bodywork is any movement you actively do, passive is any Bodywork you receive as a patient.

Here is your step by step guide:

  • Tune into your Body more. Your body is trying to tell you more about your life and your lifestyle than you think yet. Try to be more aware of it and to feel it more.
  • Allow yourself to be emotional and display your feelings. Remember it’s not worth suppressing them, because you can’t get around it. It will be stored in your body anyway.
  • Start any kind of active Bodywork but with the clear intention to feel your body better. Pick any movement you enjoy or your intuition and fear, draws you to.
  • Make sure you don’t pick an active movement because of superficial physical reasons! Because you want to look better. Instead use the mind-set of a child:
  • Your childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is! See your active Bodywork as that. Play and have fun and if you fail, just get up and try it again.
  • Try to make learning an active new movement skill a new habit of you.
  • Complement your active Bodywork with passive Bodywork. Search for a treatment that your intuition draws you to. Find a mature and experienced Bodyworker.
  • Do active & passive Bodywork on a regular basis. Bodywork usually doesn’t happen overnight. It needs time to get full access and to unfold its full potential.
  • No matter what – Start and Move! Anything physical can be a form of Bodywork and any practice is better than no practice!

We believe Movement is key. Bodywork and Movement is one step towards facing your other side and how we can save the world. We start by saving our own bodies. Movement makes us human. It connects us to our higher self. Movement is life.

Therefore, I encourage you to dive into the world of Bodywork. Use this section to learn more about the different forms of Bodywork and how to use them for your own personal path of healing and transformation. And then stop, close your Laptop, go out and Move!

White Rabbit

Hi! - I am White Rabbit, a student of love and life - Here to face the other side and to inspire you with that. I am glad you found me! And I am sure it is no coincidence. So, I embolden you to follow me into the rabbit hole, to enter the other side and a world of wonderland. Hurry there is not much time left to turn us around for the sake of our future.

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