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I help you to find an authentic spiritual experience, place, retreat, teacher anywhere in the world that suits your needs and where you are on your own spiritual Hero’s journey

Do you want a deep spiritual travel experience? But don't know how & what?

We feel you...

The Problem

Spirituality is intangible. The best places & most authentic teachers in the world, will not have Facebook Ads, a LinkedIn profile, or a perfect resume. You can’t estimate their skills by comparing their CV’s or Certificates. Some of them you just won’t find on google.

Unfortunately, this intangible nature has led to a huge abuse of spirituality nowadays. It becomes more and more difficult to find real, authentic spiritual places & teachers that allow you to go deep – yet still be safe.

But when you are giving your consciousness in someone else’s hands you really want to make sure, that this is the right place, teacher, modality for you.

The solution...

We find the right place for you!

Do you want to...

our services

ayahuasca brew

Travel to the Amazon and try Ayahuasca

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Live with real shamans and try plant medicine


Live with an indigenous tribe in the African Savannah

Or maybe you'd want to...


Find the best place to learn Meditation & to live with Monks

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Travel, give back & be in Service


Explore Breathwork & Psychedelics in a sacred way

Sensory Deprivation

spend many days in dark “caves” with Taoist Masters


Learn shamanic Permaculture Design, to live self-sufficient

Qi gong

Embark on a Qi gong, Yoga or Tai Chi journey

still uncertain? We find something extraordinary for you...

Your Spiritual Travel Agent

In a 90 minute Session –
I personally take time to find the right place, teacher, modality for your most authentic spiritual growth

Why can I help you? Because I experienced it all myself...

Why can I help you?

For many years I packed my backpack and seeked all over the world and on every continent. I went through all religions, spiritual traditions attended countless of ceremonies & retreats. 

I lived with indigenous tribes, wisdom keepers and highest spiritual Masters. I went through so many different spiritual practices, asceticism, stillness and to the core of my being.


But I also got disappointed many times

The truth is along the tracks I’ve got disappointed many times. I saw healers abusing their powers, harming people, spiritual Egoism, money making, a lot of fake spirituality…

I erred a lot, but I’m still grateful. Because I also found a few of the most transformational healing places in the world. The most powerful modalities & retreats, a few of the wisest Masters, Healers, Shamans, Monks, Coaches, Tribes.. 

And if it weren’t for all those disappointments I wouldn’t know how to recognise those authentic spiritual places.  I couldn’t have formed this network of authentic spiritual places all over the world. I couldn’t help you now

Benefit from my spiritual network all over the world...


Most frequent questions and answers

In a 90 minute Session with me, we will take some time to assess where you are on your path and what you want to experience. Through my huge personal network and that of my friends & teachers we will then find a suitable place for you close to where you are located or which meets your world travel plans. You leave this session with a real authentic spiritual place, teacher, retreat, modality to experience authentic spirituality. You also get customized preparation tips from us.

This is me giving you access to my personal network of some of the most incredible places. It’s like a word of mouth referral. If I talk to these places directly for you you may get a price you would never get by yourself.

Let’s run some quick numbers: Let’s say you book a retreat which usually costs 900$. But because I directly reach out and talk to the lead teacher you get the same retreat for 800$. This discount then made you not only save the 75$ you paid for this consultation but even gives you 25$ on top. Plus you found a truly authentic place. 

Note: I can’t guarantee you discounts though. This service is NOT based on affiliate marketing. I just get discounts for you because I personally know these people and they trust me. 

No! We will never recommend you anything because of our own interests. I genuinely want you to have a great authentic spiritual experience. Because I know how it feels like to put so much hope and effort in a spiritual place/retreat/teacher and then to be utterly disappointed. Therefore, YOU and YOUR experience will always be our sole objective, more important than anything else. That’s our promise!

On top of that most of our network of authentic spiritual places are considerably more affordable then others. This is because in authentic spirituality money is simply not the predominant objective

You may think it’s all about the spiritual practice. We believe the spiritual practice itself just makes around 33% of your experience. The other 66% come from the right intentions, the right setting & most importantly the right integration of your spiritual experiences.

So for the places we recommend you we ask Questions like:
Is this done for real inner healing purposes? What is the experience of the teacher? How authentic and original is this? Do they promote their ancient heritage? And what do they use their profits/resources for?

Other important questions are: Is integration a part of the process? And how does that look like? What kind of integration tools and support do they offer? Does this place provide a safe container and enough professional guidance for your healing path?


So when we recommend you a place we make sure that it lifes up to all of these dimensions

No it’s the opposite. This is me giving you access to my personal network of some of the most incredible, well hidden authentic spiritual places. I’m not interested in sending many people there and exploiting these places. I’m not interested in making big money through this. I want to keep the sacredness alive, to preserve the ancestral wisdom. I want these places to continue to strive. Therefore, I will only send a few of the right people there. Always valuing Quality over Quantity.

Modern New Age spirituality is often a very shallow, everything is love and light… We focus on the places that really go deep, to really heal & transform yourself

Therefore, Our main focus as a spiritual travel Agency are deep transpersonal experiences

Transpersonal spiritual practices are powerful enough to transcend the “person” – your personal Ego identification. They give you a glimpse of who you really are, they make you experience your true Self, your true Nature. Transpersonal states of being are also often referred to as:

  • DMT states of consciousness
  • Non-ordinary or altered states of consciousness
  • Holotropic states of consciousness. 

They all point to the same: Practices that are powerful enough to transcend the person and often lead to a Breakthrough in healing – an Ego Death.

We specialized in these transpersonal practices because we believe they can often bring you 2 years of healing within one experience.
Book a consultation now to get to know more…

still unsure? check your answers to the following questions...

Do you want to...

This consultation is not for you when...

You are just looking for a recreational experience

You want a quick fix, the magic pill and don't want to do the work

You don't want to look inwards & leave your comfort zone

Your main intention is to do this as a superficial trip to tell your friends about

This consultation is for you when...

You are going through major life changes and could use clarity

You wish to connect with other cultures and spiritual traditions

You are fed up with shallow love & light spirituality

You tried conventional healing methods & now want deep spiritual healing

You don't know where to start or find those places

You want worry-free professional help to find a trustworthy place, retreat, teacher