Private Coaching

I coach people from all over the world, of different backgrounds and professions, and all of you have this in common:

You want to be living a stronger, more aligned, more abundant life but you aren’t sure how to get there.

You are Either

Too much in your mind, very rational, always busy, striving for success, but also feel restless, miss meaning, depth & purpose in your life?

Or You are

Very spiritual, very conscious, very intuitive, but also too passive, often struggle to make money and to cope with this busy material world?

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I can help you with both because I lived through both of these extremes in my own life and found the so well needed balance. My coaching is transformational, deeply personal and uplifting. I’m a spiritual rational Bridge Builder, a Consciousness & Intuition Coach. But I come to you as a brother and a guide—not as a know-it-all expert—and this makes all the difference.

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There’s no better feeling than being with another human being in a space of trust, shared vision, and commitment to a higher purpose. When two or more people join forces in this kind of sacred space, what occurs is nothing short of miraculous. If you want to be in a sacred space that allows you to blossom into the person you were sent to this planet to become, work with me.

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Your next Steps

All online coaching is done via skype or telephone.

All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and is non-refundable. If you choose to quit for any reason, all compensation will go directly to a charity of Chris White’s choice.

If you are interested in working together, please click “Apply” below so I can learn more about you.