This category is about personality. It’s about getting to know your personal qualities & characteristics better. About seeing clearer what you bring to this world and what you’re individual task is. One nice & quick way to get to know yourself better is with our 3 side Testing Method:

3 – Side Testing Method:

To quickly understand yourself better, we combined a package of 3 short & free online personality self-tests from different areas. They are not only free & fun to do but they will also help you to get to know yourself better. Taking all 3 of them will take you less than 1 hour and you can easily do them when you have some spare time. The only thing you need is internet access & the exact time of your birth. For the maximum outcome we recommend to start with Test 1 and continue to do all 3 tests in one go.

Start now by clicking on the tests:

1 – Free HSP Test

2 – Free Personality Test

3 – Free Western Astrology Test

The 3 – Side Testing Method  will give you a great overview of who you are from different perspectives. Although the free versions of the tests are not super detailed It’s the perfect start into the depths of your personality. (And If you like to, you can also purchase more in-depths test results on these pages)


Personality is just one of many factors that guide our behavior and defines who we are. We are all highly individual, and we also believe it’s not good to put labels on us. But it’s a very interesting field and a great first start to get to know ourselves better and to learn how to tackle our other side in the best, personal way.

Welcome to our personality category.