The Master of love and life is a project to solely face the other side. It was founded as an alternative program to the prevailing Elite University Master Degrees in Entrepreneurship, Business, Law, Medicine, Science, Engineering etc. – because they all focus solely on the rational side.

The Problem with this is, our Western world almost always focuses solely on the rational side. Our Education programs are producing hordes of people with demonstrable talents but all of the same sort. Only by our societies narrow definition of success. They are highly rational and analytical, but they all lack the ‘other’ side which leads to this incredible imbalance towards the rational side in our world.

The Master of Love and Life was created to correct this imbalance by focusing on the other side. But isn’t that a Sabbatical? The short answer is no. A classic sabbatical has no structure and is usually all about traveling and seeing places and if it is a good one it can touch your other side too. But for the Master of love and life it’s the other way round. Traveling and seeing places along the way is great, but it’s only a nice side effect of a higher mission. A Mission to face the other side, to transform yourself, to become a student of love and life, and with that to change the whole world and make it a better place. While this is clearly the main focus the Master also doesn’t make the mistake to condemn one side. So It also incorporates the benefits of the rational side, such as the structure of courses, time limits & efficiency. The Master of love and life was designed to unfold your full potential, to develop holistically and to restore your balance.

By the end of my Master of love and life, I may not have a real degree and I may not have learned “valuable” rational concepts, but I believe I will have learned so much more about myself, that no other university on earth could offer me. WHITE – Founder of

The founder, who was once a very rational person himself, realized he can not achieve his goals with the rational side only. To become the best representation of himself, to be an innovator, a visionary, a guy who changes the world and makes it a better place he understood it needs something else. He realized to attain his highest self, he needs to develop holistically. He needs to challenge BOTH sides, and in our imbalanced western world this means, he needs to start to develop his other side too.

For all these reasons, he created the Master of love and life and started his journey. For around one year he is facing his other side by taking up one-month courses and challenges all over the world. In the process he digs deep into personal Growth, Body, Mind and Transformative work and let you be part of it. In the subcategory Masterofloveandlife Courses you can follow him on this unique journey and discover all the challenges he already faced.

The Master of love and life is about discovering my true self, about learning, growing and facing my ‘other’ side and with that, I just hope to make you more aware of your ‘other’ side. To make you look more into yourself, and eventually to inspire you to do your own Master of love and life.

PS: A lot of one month courses or challenges are already planned, but I am always open and curious to hear your suggestions. Especially if you can recommend something personally. Something that maybe helped you a lot to face your other side and change your life. So, if you have any good ideas for courses, starting from a few days up to one or two months, please reach out and drop me a message.