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“The comfort zone ends here…

The difficult, irritating or “unbearable” situations that inevitably arise during the ceremony/retreat have the potential of humbling the conditioned ego; an essential prerequisite in all ancient traditions for the union-mystica, or evolutionary metamorphosis to take place.

With this great pressure and spiritual propulsion enhanced by the alchemical environment of the sacred space together with our deep experiences, powerful realizations are possible. The conditioned ego, responsible for many of these blockages can be liberated from the narrow, narcissistic limitation of viewing the whole world as revolving around itself. It stops taking everything that happens so personally, and obstacles that previously held such sway over one’s life dissolve as the heart instantaneously finds an unlimited capacity of openness, forgiveness, love, and compassion.

One step at a time

Usually however, this does not happen instantly. The ego must first exhaust the projectile blame of personal misery on the outside and with ever-deepening humbleness take full responsibility for all the garbage it’s accumulated over the years.

This garbage (such as emotional baggage, personal hang-ups, unhealthy habits or patterns of thought) can then gradually compost into the fertile soil out of which the maturation of consciousness nurtures the heart flower into full bloom, hence the expression “no mud, no lotus”. Taking full responsibility means that one can no longer dwell in the victim mentality of circumstance, and while still experiencing some of that misery, start to make peace with it.

a new chapter in your life

This type of practice is instrumental to removing the judgment of oneself and others, in addition helping find true forgiveness in a way that creates effortless compassion. Seeing how “obstacles” are fertile ground for growth, and making peace with one’s past, the ego suddenly becomes a humble servant of the true nature inherent in all existence. It recognizes that it’s been living in denial and actually revolving around the true nature all along, and with that recognition the transformation process truly begins.


As a practice, it’s natural that life won’t be perfect right away after any workshop, ceremony or retreat, no matter how powerful the insights into one’s life are. Yet through intentional, continuous effort to apply these newly discovered ways of being, the detrimental momentum of habit that’s so easy to build up over time can finally be reversed.


This is the nature of the integration process. When the spiritual rite of passage that these indigenous ceremonies represent is crossed, the lessons learned must be consciously applied in life, each and every day. It’s not a quick fix, but rather a deep insight into how to live like a human being. And that’s something that requires perseverance and commitment within a lifelong journey with a fascinating, perpetual destination.”

These are the words of a very powerful Shaman I was lucky to live with for several months in the Amazonian rainforrest.

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