Breathwork Guide

Breathwork Guide

When I tell people that just with their Breath they can experience the same states of consciousness like on Ayahuasca, Mushrooms or anything the like most people are very skeptical. But it’s true. Our Breath is like the doorway to the other side. We don’t need any external substances to influence our state of being. The breath is enough. In fact even though we don’t ingest anything, Breathwork is a super powerful & potent modality, nothing you want to fool around with. Therefore, I encourage you to prepare yourself and read this Full Breathwork Guide.

Full Guide – On how to do Breathwork the real way 

In this Guide you will get to know what Breathwork really is all about, what to take care of when you plan to take part in a Breathwork and how you can prepare yourself. It will also cover what Breathwork modalities are out there, how to choose the right one and what kind of beautiful insights you can expect from a Breathwork experience if you follow all the tips displayed below. But let’s start from the Beginning:

Breath? What is Breath?

Our Breath connects the rational & the other side. The Consciousness & Unconsciousness. Why?  Because it has both elements. Focus on your Breath right now and you will see it’s very easy to be conscious of your own breathing. But during most of the time we are unconscious of our breathing. In sanskrit “Athma” means soul. In German “Atmen” means to breath. It is widely known that breath is the primary carrier of life-force energy (Chi in China, Prana in India, Ki in Japan, Mana in Hawaii, etc.). All ancient cultures knew that the breath was a powerful tool for working with our life-force energy.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an ancient practice and science of healing that has been utilized by cultures around the world for thousands of years. The basic practice of working with the breath is rumored to be over 40,000 years old.

Ancient breathingBreathwork uses the connection mentioned above. Often through different breathing patterns but always with an increased awareness on the breath. Through nourishing our cells with oxygen the cellular remembrance opens up. The body goes through different vibrations and our awareness shifts completely to the other side for some time.

In this altered state of consciousness we then not only get access to all the suppressed traumas & emotions that are embedded on a cellular level in us but also achieve deep self-realization and healing. We reconnect to the source of life, release stored emotional traumas and memories, heal negative energies, destructive thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Breathwork also cultivates exponential levels of health and vitality, leading to happier, healthier, and more harmonious lives.

What is the right form of Breathwork?

Breathwork training Sitter & Breather
Transpersonal Breathwork experience

There are many different forms of Breathwork. I myself learned many different forms of Breathwork all over the world. (A collective Tibetan Breathwork, a standing Breathwork from a linage holder of the Yamami tribe in Peru, Transpersonal Breathwork in Germany. And even Freediving can be seen as a powerful way to connect with your Breath. However, most familiar in the West are the Yogic Pranayams, Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breath Work and Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing.

So what’s the right modality for you? I believe there is no right & wrong. The art and science of Breathwork is slowly making its way back into the collective awareness as an effective method of healing and spiritual development. But you have to find your own favorite Breathwork modality. They all have its pros and cons but here you can download a Free general Checklist  on how to find the Breathwork modality that best suits you.

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What is so special about Breathwork?

           Typical western worldview

1 – It switches our Awareness

People in the west are always on their rational side only. This whole website and the Master of love and life program was created to help people face their other side more, because it is so hard for us in the West to loosen the grip of our rational worldview and to do that on our own. Breathwork is so Game-changing because it has the power to do that for us. It makes you switch the focus of your awareness solely on your own other side for some time. It brings up things that we never look at, all these traumas & deep emotions that
are suppressed on our other side. But Breathwork also shows us what it could be like. It brings us glimpses of resolution, of bliss and happiness. It shows us the door of how to make a change and opens it a tiny little bit. But it is never more than that. Never more than a little crack, never more than a glimpse.

It is then up to each individual to bring that into daily life. To open the door completely, To make it a continuous glimpse. But the great thing about Breathwork is that although it is never more than a glimpse, it makes us aware that the spark of light, of our true nature is inside of us. And that’s so essential because we can only want something, that we have seen before.

2 – Our Breath is always there

The beauty of Breathwork is that it works on something that defines life itself. When we usually want to have great transformation in our lives we start to work on our habits because they define so much of our lives. But there is no habit on earth that defines life as much as our Breath. We do it every few seconds every single day, without any exception. So working on this life defining force is super powerful. Moreover, our breath is always with us. The medicine is already inside of us.

Unlike other transpersonal modalities, like plant medicine, consciousness lights or floating we don’t need anything external to work on our Breath. And so our minds also won’t have any excuses anymore to blame it on something external, like the plant medicine you just ingested. Lastly, the beauty of Breathwork is that no matter what race, religion or social status one has or what your country sees as legal/illegal the Breath is there for everyone to work with.

3 – It brings you to your earliest childhood Traumas

Birth experienceBreathwork is so powerful that it can bring you to places in your childhood, even to those before your cognitive mind was formed. According to Grof, the inventor of holotropic Breathwork, the following four harmful states can happen before being born, before the cognitive mind is formed.

  • In the whomb – Mother uses drugs, Alcohol etc.
  • Contractions for the Baby to get out the birth channel, Dead end
  • The actual going through the birth channel
  • Being Born – complications around that, no mother contact, separation etc.

If you had a very traumatic birth experience. This can be reaccessed through Breathwork and the traumas can be released.

3 – It shows us that “The other Side” is always around

Breathwork shows us how incredible powerful our other side can be. It also becomes very clear that in our western world we usually don’t have our awareness on this side but that that doesn’t mean that the other side is less true. We have just never learned to focus our awareness on it. But When we are on this other side of awareness during Breathwork we realize that there is so much more to the world than what we see. We experience its interconnectedness.

And once you have seen this it changes your whole perception of the world. You still go back to your rational worldview but something inside of you has changed. It is this realization that I would wish to have every CEO, politician and Entrepreneur in the world. I believe if every CEO in the world would have an authentic Breathwork Ceremony, the whole world would change. Because once you have seen it, your relationship to your environment, to our nature and to this precious planet we call mother earth is very likely to change.

“All effective healing begins with the breath, for our breath carries life force into our bodies. By becoming aware of our breathing, we can refine our receptivity to subtle energies for both self-healing and healing others and recognize our connection to all other living, breathing beings on earth.”
– Jack Angelo

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