Darkroom retreat review Tao-Garden Mantak Chia rating

Darkroom retreat review Tao-Garden Mantak Chia rating

Darkroom retreat review Tao-Garden Mantak Chia rating

Overall Rating: 8,36

Value for Money: 7
Transformativeness: 9,5
Authenticity: 8,5
Teacher: 8
Integrativeness/ Personal Support: 6
Supporting Elements: 10
Other Participants: 9,5

Intensity: High
HSP suitability: very Good

3 – Core Evaluation Questions:

1 – Would I recommend friends or family to do this course/retreat/ training? * YES!
2 – Would I do this course/retreat/ again in the future? * YES then for 2 weeks
3 – What was my favorite part of this course? * Seeing so much light

Darkroom experience review:

I decided to take part in Grand Master Mantak Chia’s Darkroom retreat at Tao-Garden in Thailand. Over the course of one week I went into a pitch black darkroom, fasted, meditated and learned more about the Tao and Inner Alchemy. (click here to read more about this master of love and life course)

Meditation hall in the darkroom technlology retreat

For me this Darkroom retreat was an incredible transformational experience to face myself and to see the light in the darkness. I believe 2 weeks in there could very well score a 10 on the transformativeness index. The Tao-Garden Darkroom retreat is definitely a 5* Star Darkroom so the authenticity of it can be questioned. Being a 5* Star Darkroom the price of it was also rather high. The teachings inside the darkroom however felt quite authentic and real for me.

The teacher the Grand Master Mantak Chia is apparently the only Qi gong Master in the world who was announced “Qigong Master of the Year” twice. He is also listed as number 18 of the 100 most Spiritually Influential people in the world. For me he was a powerful teacher definitely equipped with some wisdom and teachings but I also didn’t have the groundbreaking revelations with him. I think it’s great that he attracts a lot of very rational sided people with a very practical form of the Tao. But quite some people also mentioned other faces of him, especially being very focused on the business side of things.

In terms of integration and personal support I feel this retreat was lacking on all ends. It is said that you need to have prerequisites of Mantak Chia’s teachings to be able to take part in it, because it can definitely be a super intense experience for someone inexperienced. I didn’t have that and just managed to sneak in without someone ever asking me. In my personal case I have quite some deep Meditation experience, I am familiar with the effects of DMT and also just came from peru where I lived with Shamans and faced a lot of myself but they didn’t know that and for someone else this is grossly negligent. Also, after the retreat no one ever checked in with me or offered integration or anything the like. Again I had a beautiful experience and was able to handle it because of what I’ve done before but for quite some people I’ve met afterwards it was super tough and I’m sure more integration would’ve helped them a lot.

The Tao-Garden Darkroom itself was a 5* Star darkroom experience. It is currently the largest and most

Meditation hall in the darkroom technlology retreat
Ballons to orientate in entire darkness

advanced darkness meditation facility in the world. It is super spacious and there are two floors of bedrooms with a private bath that surround the central area which is used as a large meditation hall. All in all It’s the perfect inner alchemy chamber providing a lot of comfort and necessities which really is a great supportive Element and instantly makes you feel safe and supported. Everything was cared for. The food is served by employees with night vision googles. It’s a special Pi Gu fasting diet which supports and enhances the Darkroom experience. I didn’t have much contact with other participants, because of the darkness, but my direct sitting neighbors were definitely very inspiring and special. For me this week was very unique and I can recommend this place especially for first time darkroom experiences. However make sure that you find some good way to integrate as it is not offered there.

Click here to find out more about Mantak Chia’s Darkroom Retreats and when you can attend the next one. Make sure to book in advance though…

Have you ever been in a darkroom? Would you do it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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