Darkroom Experience Guide

Darkroom Experience Guide

Most people have never heard of darkroom experiences. When I tell people that I spent many days in a pitch-black darkroom peoples reaction usually ranges from disbelieve to why on earth would someone do this voluntarily? That it is one of the highest-level practices to face the other side only very few people know about. Therefore, I encourage you, prepare yourself and read the following Full Darkroom Guide.

Full Guide – On how to do a Darkroom experience the Authentic way 

In this Guide will you will get to know what Darkroom experiences are all about, what to take care of when you plan to do a darkroom experience and how you can prepare yourself. It will also cover why darkrooms are one of the most transformative high-level practices to face your other side, why it is such a beneficial modality for our modern times and what kind of beautiful insights you can expect from a Darkroom experience once you followed all these tips displayed below. But let’s start from the Beginning:

What is a Darkroom Experience?

Darkroom Retreat with Manatak Chia in Chiang mai Thailand
Darkroom Retreat

A Darkroom experience is an experience of complete darkness for an extended period of time. It is a high level practice to achieve self-actualization and enlightenment. Almost every advanced culture has used Darkness techniques. In Egypt they used the darkness of the Pyramids, in Rome the underground network in the catacombs, In Peru, China & Europe they used caves. One ancient idiom says: “When you go into the dark and this becomes total, the darkness soon turns into light.”

How to do an authentic darkroom experience?

Darkroom retreat at Tao-Garden with Mantak Chia in Chiang Mai

Technically you could do a Darkroom experience even in your own home. But it is not as easy as it sounds. First of all, it doesn’t need to be just dark but pitch black dark. This is to say, for a darkroom to really work not a single ray of light is allowed to enter for the whole duration of days. It needs to be so dark that you can’t even see your hand when it’s an inch in front of your eyes. A lot of people also may find a cave more authentic and romantic. But its probably less romantic when you think about the smell of urine, waste and how you manage your food supply. A lot of caves also suffer from poor air quality, fungus & bacteria. And lastly a good teacher to guide you through this experience is quite beneficial too.

Tips on doing a Darkroom experience:

From the procedure outlined above you can see a Darkroom experience is not only super powerful but there’s also a lot more to it than just finding a dark & quiet room. So how can you prepare yourself? Here are some powerful tips to prepare yourself

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Universe primordial light in a darkroom retreat

The stages of a Darkroom experience:

To explain what happens during a darkroom experience we would like to give you a look at it rom both sides. The rational, scientific perception of whats happening in our brains during a darkroom experience and our other sides perception of the event.

Process of DMT Synthesization in the human brain

The rational side of view:
Complete darkness changes the sensory sensibilities of the brain. it shuts down major cortical centers and activates the deepest centers in the brain like the hypothalamus and pineal glands. This ultimately leads to an synthesis and the accumulation of psychedelic chemicals in the brain. The process works in different stages. Simplified: Tryptophan -> Serotonin -> Melatonin -> Pinoline -> 5-MeO-DMT -> DMT

The other side of view:
Complete darkness makes you experience higher states of divine consciousness. It connects you with your true source and nature and makes you see what you really are. The process works in different stages of self actualization.

Stage 1 – Melatonin Stage  (Day 1 to 3)

Melatonin stage - Process of DMT Synthesization in the human brain

The rational side of view:
At first the complete darkness makes the pineal gland flood the brain with the neurotransmitter Melatonin (“The sleep molecule”). It shuts down the organ system and slows down the body and mind. Because of the visual deprivation, Emotional and feeling states especially the sense of smell are enhanced.

The other side of view:
At this beginning stage you are just very tired. You will catch up with a lot of sleep to prepare for the psychic perceptions and deeper, subtler states of consciousness.

Stage 2 – Pinoline Stage  (Day 3 to 5)

Pinoline Stage Process of DMT Synthesization in the human brain

The rational side of view:
After 3 days the melatonin reaches sufficient levels (15 – 20 mg) and the body starts to produce pinoline, the superconductor which stimulates the neuro-transmitters of the brain. The need for more sleep is gone and a state of alert relaxation starts.

The other side of view:
After 3 days the first visions, lights and deep dream-states start to be experienced. At this stage participants experiences range from hearing music, seeing light and visions to gaining groundbreaking insights. Ancient cultures believed that at this stage you are entering the primordial state of force and reunite with your true self. You gain a higher awareness of yourself and what reality and the external world really is. You may see into the past and future. It is seen as a returning to the womb. Your first place on earth of deep nurture where everything is taken care of without asking. A place before any conditioning. It’s the innocent pure child-state and a return to natures original darkness.

Stage 3 – 5-MeO-DMT Stage (Day 6 to 8)

5-MeO-DMT stage Process of DMT Synthesization in the human brain

The rational side of view:
The brain now synthesizes the “spirit-molecule” 5-methoxydimethyltryptamine. 5-MeO-DMT then transmits high amounts of phosphene onto the visual cortex which makes it a very luminescent and highly phosphorescent, psychoactive tryptamine, switching on 40% more of cerebral cortex brain activity.

The other side of view:
At this stage the participant reconnects with the divine consciousness. Bright lights are experienced, you start to see beyond the matrix. Its like a switch from the TV channel of everyday stuff to a new and different channel. Experiences in this stage range from color imagery, out of body experiences, lucid dreams, visions of beings/animals, other realities to experiences of mystical states. At this stage you’re in a state of being with a high self awareness which prepares you for the following final stage.

Stage 4 – DMT Stage (Day 9 to 12)

DMT Stage Process of DMT Synthesization in the human brain

The rational side of view:
At this stage 5-MeO-DMT is synthesized into pure dimethyltryptamine. The DMT levels then increase day by day (>25 mg)

The other side of view:
When participants reach the DMT stage the darkroom experience becomes very visual and energizing. The amount of sleep one needs will diminish dramatically. 2 hours of sleep can seem like 8. It’s an experience into hyperspace, beyond time and space. After 10-12 days participants experiences range from seeing in infrared and ultraviolet to sensing the heat patterns of other people, making it possible to run around in the darkness. At this stage it feels like walking in a virtual reality. It’s a stage of transcendental experiences. A connection with the divine, of experiences of unconditional love and compassion and of seeing the unity and interconnectedness within everything.

The Benefits of a darkroom experience:

1 – It relaxes you

Most people are sleep deprived. When you enter the darkness a lot of melatonin is synthesized which will make you catch up on a loot of sleep. Furthermore your eyes have a chance to calm down from the constant over-stimulation of our visual world. This all leads to a state where you can let go of your plans, agendas, etc.

2 – It takes the fear away

Most people see darkness as something they fear, as something threatening. The darkroom experience makes you see that darkness is nothing in itself, just the absence of light. You descend into the void into the darkness and find a deep inner space. A space from where everything takes form. You will discover that darkness is the building block of the universe.

3 – It makes you feel your body more

In our modern world we are always in our senses. Especially in our visual perception. The darkness makes you feel and sense more. It makes you connect with your whole body. Exercises in the darkroom take your body feeling on a whole new level.

4 – It makes you experience higher consciousness

The biggest benefit of the darkness is that it will take you to very deep transformational DMT states but without using any external substances to get there. And for most people these states are only known through taking plant medicine or other stimulants.

Primordial ultraviolet light of the universe darkroom experience

Why is a Darkroom experience very special transformational work?

You will probably agree with me that the deepest Truth and every great personal realization comes from a place deep inside of ourselfes. Then let me ask you? How often do you go inwards and deep inside of yourself during your everyday life? How often are you not in your senses and project your mind outwardly? The shocking truth is: For most people it’s not even close to half an hour a day! But lets be generous and say its 30 minutes daily. The darkroom is so powerful because it forces you completely out of your senses, it works through sensory deprivation. You’re awareness is constantly turned inwards. So lets say you spent 7 days in the Darkroom with on average 8 hours of sleep a day, that makes it as powerful as around 220 of your normal weekdays in terms of self-realization. And not only that, in the darkroom its continuous, you don’t have to start all over again you’re in the constant state of self-realization. Although this is a very simplified example it shows strikingly how powerful a darkroom experience is.

1 – There is nothing left to distract yourself

The darkness is so powerful, because of its simplicity. You don’t take any external substance and yet people have the same visions and crazy experiences of their other side as if they would’ve taken strong plant medicine or other reality altering substances. The difference is, that now there is nothing left for your rational side to blame your experiences on. Someone very rational cannot blame his “trip” and experiences on the drug anymore because in fact you didn’t ingest anything in the first place. Furthermore even science approves that in prolonged times in the darkness the Spirit molecule DMT is synthesized in the brain. The same psychedelic molecule that is responsible for the reality altering consciousness states on Ayahuasca, LSD and the like.

As above so below

2 – As Above, so Below

The darkness makes you realize that we all have the universe inside of us. That whatever happens up there, also happens down here. As in the macrocosm, so in the microcosm. I know this sounds weird to your rational mind but even the newest  research in quantum physics is supporting this.

3 – Your childhood fantasies were realer than you thought

When you were a child you had all these magic friends and different worlds you could get lost in, right? But as you grow older these internal worlds begin to fade and we dismiss them as some childish fantasy nonsense. But what if children are just way more aware of the other nature of reality? What if they can just see the world as it really is? I believe children are born with their two sides in balance. But as we grow older our internal worlds and therefore our whole other side has to fade because the external rational world becomes too demanding.

And the newest science research correlates with that. The pineal gland, the deepest center in our brain where the spirit molecule DMT is produced, is way bigger in children than in

adults. They found that by early adulthood the pineal gland becomes smaller and smaller and over time even calcifies. I believe this is a form of natural protection. We need to cope with our so physical everyday world, so that our brain inhibits our true nature and divine connections. Scientifically the brain does inhibit the enzymatic actions and the synthesis into DMT in our everyday life, which robs us of all these transcendental realities. Darkroom experiences then remove these inhibitions again and let us experience these child-states again. In the dark our connection to the other side is reestablished. We are reunited with our true self and our divinity within.

White Rabbit

Hi! - I am White Rabbit, a student of love and life - Here to face the other side and to inspire you with that. I am glad you found me! And I am sure it is no coincidence. So, I embolden you to follow me into the rabbit hole, to enter the other side and a world of wonderland. Hurry there is not much time left to turn us around for the sake of our future.

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