Course 2 – Colombia – Creating a Website – One month challenge

Course 2 – Colombia – Creating a Website – One month challenge

In this one month challenge my Goal was to create this website your reading on right now. For someone who is a complete non-techie this was not an easy thing. I wanted to create a Quality website. More like a Portal and not like a Blog. But this post is not about the technical features but about in which way this faced my other side. You probably wonder how on earth can creating a website face the other side. And yes the technical part is more on the rational side of things, but everything that comes with creating and owning a website is not.

Here are 5 reasons why Creating a website can face your other side:

1 – You learn a new skill

Although Creating a website is technical and you spent a lot of time in front of your laptop, it has become so easy nowadays that even a non-techie like I am can do it. For me the thrill of learning a new skill is always one of the most fulfilling things. Moreover, the Internet rules the world so no matter what you’re doing in your life, it’s a good skill for life to know something about website creation.

2 – It’s a super creative process

Creating a Website is a super creative process. You have to be very clear about your theme, your style, the fonts, pictures and colors you want to use. You have to see the Big picture, how everything fits together and how to make it look cohesive. This is a very artistic and aesthetic part and I really liked playing around and finding the right fonts, styles, pictures etc.

3 – It makes you do journaling & integrating

The most important aspect for me however is, that a website allows me to write down my experiences. It’s a great way for me to process things and to integrate the often challenging circumstances I encounter during my courses. It works as a precious memory of what I’ve done but even more as a tool to integrate and grow personally. If you never tried any journaling I can only recommend you to start with it. Writing things down clears your thoughts, calms your mind and helps you to process. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on a website. Just get a personal journal and start writing down your experiences. Another nice side effect is that you get better at writing and expressing yourself.

4 – It makes you give a commitment to create

Another nice thing about having a website is the commitment I made with it. I promised myself to keep it going, so it also forces me to write. This is a crucial part for me. A lot of people who started to face their other side, quickly indulge so much on it and turn into some kind of hippies, who just blame the rational side for all the bad in the world but don’t continue with themselves and become lazy instead. Remember everything is Balance! And one of the great things about the rational side is it makes you efficient, it gives you structure and action. So especially when you travel a lot like I do right now and are far away from any structure, this is something that demands discipline from me. It gives me a great feeling of creating something, of doing something of value, of working on a dream.

5 – It gives you a platform to inspire the world

The last thing that I want to bring up is that a website is my own space. No one tells me what to do here. I can freely share things here and It allows me to interact with likeminded people to reach out to them in a different way. We often use the distractions of the modern world to avoid looking at ourselves. My website is not a place to escape reality but rather a place to face myself with a heart centered perspective. However, the more things you do, spreading your opinions publicly, the more of a target you become. It also creates a sense of vulnerability. But I believe you have to take this action to make a change. I believe this is actually the greatest thing about technology and the Internet. It brings people together. There are no borders, no countries, no color of skin, no censorship. So creating this Portal and inspiring people to face their other side and with that to change the whole world and make it a better place is actually the best feeling in the world.



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