Course 10 – Germany – Learning Transpersonal Breathwork & psychology

Course 10 – Germany – Learning Transpersonal Breathwork & psychology

In my second last one month course Nr. 10 I decided to explore one more transpersonal practice. This month was special. I not only dove deeper into transpersonal Breathwork but this course also marked the start of a 3 year training program in transpersonal psychology & Breathwork. For the next 3 years I will dedicate 20 days a year to just learn that. But why do I dedicate 20 days a year for the next 3 years of my precious time to learn this?

Because I deeply agree with these 2 quotes…

Transpersonal modalities, will be for the exploration of the mind & psychiatry what the microscope is for biology and the telescope is for astronomy.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.


The Breathwork Hall

But most importantly I believe the world desperately needs change. Our mother earth is at the brink of extinction. After traveling 2,5 times around the world in the last 11 month I saw with my own eyes that we don’t have much time left.

All over the world I saw the impact of our western materialistic worldview. Slums bigger than most German cities, a whole Maasai tribe sharing a tiny water hole with cattle and wildlife, polluted cities in Asia, cleared forests in Peru, clean water shortage and separation everywhere.But at the same time I also believe in and want to elaborate on what Stan Grof’s once said:

Modern science and technology has developed effective measures that could solve most of these urgent problems in today’s world- combat the majority of diseases, eliminate hunger and poverty reduce the amount of industrial waste, and replace destructive fossil fuels by renewable sources of clean energy… – Stan Grof

My South Korean Team

But the truth is, the problems that stand in the way are not of economical or technological nature.
The deepest sources of the global crisis lie inside the human personality and reflect the level of consciousness evolution of our species. Most people people are totally imprisoned on our rational worldview. And I know by myself how hooking it is. In the West we are taught that this world is just a result of coincidence, that all these stars, the earth, this universe is basically meaningless and has no purpose. As if it is just separate stuff there for us humans to use and control. Like products or machines.

“cogito Ergo sum“ – “I think, therefore I exist“ from Descartes has led us to identify with our mind only and not with our whole organism. Like Egos existing inside their bodies separate from other objects. And this inner fragmentation also mirrors how we see the outside world, as separate objects, nations, races, religions. I believe this separation is the source of our current crisis. It has alienated us from nature and our fellow human beings.

physical worldview – Dubai

And On some deeper level we all feel that. The more we seek pleasure in the physical the less we find happiness, we have more friends than ever but we don’t really feel connected, we sense that there is much more to everything in the world but yet it is so hard for us to loosen the grip of our materialistic, physical worldview.

And thats why transpersonal work is so incredible. Transpersonal modalities are so game-changing because they have the power to take over and do that for us.
They make you switch the focus of your awareness solely on the other side for some time. And once that happens, you start to realize that our materialistic worldview is only one side of the coin. You tap into a whole new world, you realize that nothing is separate but everything is interconnected, it gives you a glimpse of something so Big, so overwhelming that it is totally indescribable and incomprehensible for our reason.

Breathwork14_Holotropic_Transpersonalbreathwork_Whiterabbit_HSP_highly_sensitive_Student_of_love_and_life_master_of_love_and_life_HS_white_rabbitBut once you have seen this other world it changes your whole perception of the world forever. You still go back to your rational worldview but something inside of you has changed. It is this realization that I would wish to have every CEO, politician and leader in the world.

I believe if every CEO in the world would participate in a few transpersonal modalities, the whole world would change. Because once you have seen it, your relationship to your environment, to our nature and to this precious planet we call mother earth will change.
I believe It’s like taking the threatening apocalypse of the world inwards, by dying the Ego-death and going through it by ourselves that our world will survive.

And thats why I do this work, thats why I want to inspire you to start with yourself too and that’s why I want to make more people aware of the need of self-realization. Change does not happen in the White House, in the EU-Parlament or in some Ivory tower. It begins with each one of us.

White Rabbit

Hi! - I am White Rabbit, a student of love and life - Here to face the other side and to inspire you with that. I am glad you found me! And I am sure it is no coincidence. So, I embolden you to follow me into the rabbit hole, to enter the other side and a world of wonderland. Hurry there is not much time left to turn us around for the sake of our future.

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