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Dear man!
How many of these are you feeling?


If you felt those words above, you are not alone. Let me show you something that might help you


my 6 week online

Men Circles

Gathering Men from all over the world we will meet each week to go on a deep 6 week journey on what it means to be a man...

What is this about?


What you can expect

During this 6 week journey
  • be able to openly share your problems and feelings
  • be heard and seen in a safe space with no judgement
  • get a support group of other likeminded men
Mens Circle

What is this not?

  • no 'manly' physical exercises
  • no academic discussion
  • no esoteric rituals, nothing of particular sect, creed or religion, everyone is welcome
Mens Circle

What you can expect

During this 6 week journey
  • create a strong bond, friendship and brotherhood with other men
  • learn to leave your restless mind and come back into your heart
  • tackle deep topics such as - personal growth, self love, rejection, relationships, spirituality...
Mens Circle

Be able to conveniently attend from anywhere. Be it the comfort of your home, office or while you’re on the road...

Circles are held online & offline

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Who Am i ?

Hi, I am
Chris White.

Grateful that you found your way here. I’m the host of the above Men Circles and a firm believer in Men’s Work. But what is Men’s Work and why could that be something for you? Dear fellow man, below I wrote a personal letter to You…

A letter to all men

Dear fellow Man,

YES You sitting in front of this screen reading those lines. How many times have you heard other men say: “Men’s Circles? – That sounds gay!” Maybe you even caught yourself having thoughts like that yourself and I don’t blame you, it’s just the conditioning most of us grew up in. It’s verily the reason why I feel there is such a strong need for Men Circles. A safe container for men who want to grow, who want to change these outdated stereotypes, who want to feel & be

authentic. For men who want to share their struggles and emotions and grow spiritually. Not a place of competition to compare each others Ego’s, but a place of elevating cooperation. When you look at all those gay jokes and men ridiculing Men’s work , you could easily think men are just not needing vulnerability. Holding conscious Men Circles for a few years now taught me something entirely different. Those men are usually the ones who fear intimacy the most and so they need to make jokes to feel comfortable & “manly”. This old belief of “manly” is verily the issue. But I also know it’s not so easy as a man nowadays. We have the same deep issues, spiritual longings as women, yet we are taught, it’s not “manly” to open up. Many times of our lives we have pretended to know, we toughened up, because taking the lead and being strong was expected from us. The only emotion we often allow ourselves to express is anger, because it shows how alpha, decisive and strong we are.
So many of us have these secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we are called cold when we are only sad. You may think sayings like: “Real men don’t cry!“ “Don’t be such a pussy” are outdated, yet you would be surprised how deeply ingrained this conditioning is still in modern men and I come across it in my Men groups every other night. And so – many men lead their life’s pretending to be ahead of their game, when they’re not. Inside they are fighting many battles, longing for an outlet..
And so deep down, there is a big longing for conscious brotherhoods, the need to be part of a community of likeminded conscious men, a space where men realised that masculinity is about cherishing both – their masculine, but also their feminine side. A place where it’s considered manly to be spiritual, vulnerable and sensitive. Where shadow work, deep talk and freeing our minds are part of our daily routine. Where we all firmly believe that a man who conquers himself is greater than a man who conquers a thousand men in battle. Today I feel there are a myriad of offers for women (which is great) — but there is still very little for men. Therefore, I am hosting Conscious Men Circles all over the world. And I’d be grateful to have you join one too.
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