Ajna Consciousness Light review

Ajna Consciousness Light review

Ajna Consciousness Light review

Overall Rating: 7,50

Value for Money: 5
Transformativeness: 7
User-friendliness: 10

Personal Support: 8

Intensity: self-regulated
HSP suitability: Depends on your light sensitivity

3 – Core Evaluation Questions:

1 – Would I recommend friends or family to buy this light? * YES!
2 – Would I buy it again? * YES 
3 – What is my favorite Quality of it? * Experiencing long time meditation practice results without the practice

Ajna Consciousness Light review

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This is a kind of different review, because this time it is not about a retreat, a teacher, or a modality but about a technological device. Namely The Ajna consciousness light. I met the founder of the Light, Guy Harriman in Thailand back in March and I started to visit his property and eventually becoming friends with him. But I can assure you this will not change the way I review this device as my number one rule is: “Honoring Truth more than friends.”


Ajna_Merkabah_Lannahyoga_Guy_Hariman_Master_of_love_and_life_HS_white_rabbit_student_of_love_and_lifeGuy Harriman spent many years as a successful engineer in Silicon Valley working with such industry greats as Steve Jobs. He then moved to Thailand and invented this tech-light device that has the power to bring you into incredible deep transformative states by nothing more than just applying white light on your forehead (pineal gland).

You can read more about my personal experiences with the light and how it works in my awakening course number 7 here and I also wrote a Full Guide about the light which you can find here.


Let’s start with reviewing the light. For me the lights transformativeness is great. Not only because there are only a handful of technological devices that have any sort of transformative ability but also because it works so fast. You just lay down apply the light and usually within 1 or 3 minutes you enter very deep meditative states, without you doing anything. The light always brings me into deep meditative states that I only know from years of my daily meditation practice.
However, there are always two sides to everything. And I believe, seeing it as something where you don’t have to do anything and just get the reward like a magic pill is not how personal transformation works. You need to do the work and the light is no exception. Therefore, the light can never substitute any deep transformative work/meditation, but it can perfectly support and compliment your work. The light is a great tool to show you glimpses of what’s possible and it should be seen as a great tool to support and amplify your work/practices.

Ajna_Light_Consciousness_light__iLST_2_Master_of_love_and_life_HS_white_rabbit_student_of_love_and_lifeAnother great thing about the light is its user friendliness. You can choose from 18 different pre composed light programs and just press play. It’s a bit like Apple, very intuitive with a lot of big Buttons and pre selected lists, drop-downs etc. So in case you’re not tech savvy don’t worry neither am I but the software is really that easy to operate. Another huge plus point for me is the inbuilt music library with more than 300 songs and hourlong playlists that comes with the light. The music ranges from binaural beats playlists to shamanic drumming and classical music. I found the music library itself is already an amazing asset.

However, the best part of the software is that there are some advanced settings. You can basically individualize your own light sessions and even go to out of Body Shamanic brainwave states. Till this date I probably had 15 light sessions myself so far. In these sessions I usually see incredible sacred shapes, forms & colors and also got some deep inner insights. However I haven’t tested the advanced light settings yet, as I want to steadily build up my practice and go deeper. But I will update this review in a few weeks, when I will have tested them. So stay tuned.

My Conclusion:

The price of the light is a big criticism though. With 5555$ it is incredible expensive! The price however is not because the production costs are that high, but because the founder Guy Harriman is the only one who currently repairs the lights. He wants/needs to limit his time to work on them and also wants to have some control over as to whom the lights are being sold. Personally I believe, it is good to sell the light not to everyone as it is a very powerful device, but I also believe there are many sales parameters other than price to control the sales.

The beauty I see in the Ajna Consciousness Light however is its power to even show the most rational and materialistic sided people that the other side is real and always around us. That just by applying some white light, incomprehensible things start to happen. Things their reason and logic is not suited to explain at all. And this will get them hooked, because we can only want something, that we have seen before and finally they have seen, maybe for the first time in their life’s…

Have you tried the Ajna Light? How was your experience with it?


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