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Who am I? 

Well, words can never reach the core of being. So the best would be to just share presence with me one day, to see, feel & experience.

But let me humbly try to describe my-Self…


In Short

  • Consciousness Coach
  • Breathwork Teacher of many different traditions
  • 2 years trained in holotropic Breathwork
  • trained in Shamanic Breathwork – Southamerica
  • trained in Tibetan Breathwork
  • trained in Pranayama – India
  • trained in transpersonal Psychology, Spiritual Guidance
  • Men’s Circle, Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance – Facilitator
  • In the end none of these labels and just an Instrument


At the beginning of my path I was super material. I studied international Management with honors, I was taught in a private course on Startup Thinking by billionaire Peter Thiel himself. My first Startup won several prizes and funding. My early twenties I spent super privileged, driving in a 150.000$ sports car and living in a penthouse. However, I was so far away from happiness and inner peace – I became ill.

I painfully realised I cannot attain my highest self with the material side only. I always wanted to become the best representation of myself and I finally understood that for that I need to develop BOTH sides. My rational side but also my spiritual side. 

I sold everything I had and started to seek spirituality. And Oh boy, I seeked a lot. For many years I searched all over the world and on every continent. I went through all religions, spiritual traditions attended countless of ceremonies & retreats. Lived with indigenous tribes, wisdom keepers and highest spiritual Masters. I went through so many different spiritual practices, asceticism, stillness and to the core of my being…

Chris_white_seat8_Germany (1 of 1)

In the meantime I became a Coach and Breathwork facilitator myself. Then I founded the Master of love and life. A portal to share my path of Self-Realisation and all that I’ve learned with others…

The Master of love and life

Why Master of love and life? 
Master – because a student should always strive to become one
Love – because it’s the strongest force in the universe
Life – because it’s the greatest Guru of all

On my path to Self realization I realized early on that this path is not about gathering more knowledge, it’s about unlearning, about remembering. And for that it needs direct experience because only experience can transcend the mind. I therefore, started to do 30 day Self-Experiments…

My experiments with self

Over the last years I did many of these experiments with Self. I lived for example with the Maasai tribe in the African Savanna and got initiated into their tribe, I learned from the worlds greatest Qigong & Kong Fu Masters in China & Thailand, I lived in a social experiment for one month homeless on the streets of Germany. Just to name a few. Currently I’m in Self-Experiment number 15. Here’s the full list of all my 30 day Self-Experiments to this day…

List of all 30 Day Self-experiments

1 – Learning Salsa in the capital of Salsa Cali – Colombia
2 – Tapping into my Creative flow – Design – Colors – Colombia
3 – Going inwards – Roadtrip & Solitude – USA
4 – Facing my fear of open water – learning Free diving – Hawaii
5 – Living with Shamans & Plant Medicine – Peru
6 – Learning from Shamanic tribes – Peru
7 – Learning Qi Gong, 8 days darkroom with Taoist Masters – Thailand
8 – Learning Shamanism & exploring Consciousness lights – Thailand
9 – Living with the Massai tribe at Mt. Kilimanjaro – Africa
10 – Diving into Buddhism, doing a Harvard Online Course – Australia
11 – Transpersonal Breathwork Immersion – Germany
12 – Living 30 days homeless on the streets – Germany
13 – Attending the largest spiritual festival in the world – Kumbh – India
14 – Shamanic Korea – Learning Shamanism & Breathwork – Korea
15 – Tracking all my negative thoughts for 30 days – Vietnam

To follow these Self-Experiments, follow me on my Instagram channel @studentofloveandlife

The outcome

What did I realize on this long journey so far? Oh so much that it would fill several books and yet words cannot reach it. But most importantly I realised that it’s not about choosing between the rational & the spiritual, it’s about balancing the two.

Ever since I am a rational spiritual bridge builder helping other people to balance their two superpowers too. Most people say Oh wow, you did so much. Tell me what was your biggest take away? Humbly speaking the most powerful thing I have learned is – All what I am not. To understand your true Self you first have to find everything that you are not. To become everything you have to become nobody first. 

Humbly speaking I see myself just as an instrument through which I happen to help others realise their true nature too. This is not about me, the flashy cool guy – which brings me to the reason of my Mask.

The Mask


ENFJ HSP Double pisces highly sensitive male Hs white rabbitYou may wonder, why I hide behind a mask and don’t show my real identity online. The reason is – I wanted to find a way to inspire people with my content without making this about ME. Without being part of the ego promoting materialistic world again. I didn’t want to be the flashy, cool guy who travels the world and does all these fancy things. My teachings are not about me, the sender of the message but about the message itself. Have you ever wondered how different our ideals of beauty would be, if only our eyes would see souls instead of bodies? 

So this platform is about sharing the deeper wisdom and learnings on my journey and not about the person “Chris”. I don’t want to be worshipped. I am a simple person. Rest assured though, that when you meet me, work with me or even attend one of my Breathwork sessions I certainly won’t wear a mask there. It’s just here for this online presence.

This whole website serves the purpose to inspire you, to show you tools to transform yourself and to coach you to live your spiritual side. May it serve you well and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am a HSP, ENFJ, double pisces male, one of the happiest beings in this world and I love meeting all sorts of other inquisitive souls. Find out what you are here…

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