In Short

Hi, I am Chris White. I was raised very privileged. I studied international Management with honors, I was taught in a private course on Startup Thinking by billionaire Peter Thiel himself. I also worked as the personal assistant of one of the most successful food restaurateurs in Germany and my first Startup won several prizes and funding. My early twenties I spent driving in a 150.000$ sports car and living in a penthouse. However, I wasn’t happy! It didn’t fulfill me. Something was missing. I realized I cannot attain my highest self with the material side only. To become the best representation of myself I needed to develop holistically. I needed to develop BOTH sides. So I sold everything I had and started to face the other side. I did countless of seminars, I became a coach and Breathwork facilitator. Then I founded the Master of love and life program. As part of it I started doing one month awakening challenges all over the world to learn from the best spiritual Masters. Last year alone I travelled 2,5 times around the whole world and did 11 one month awakening challenges. I lived with monks in Thailand, I did a Harvard online course in Buddhism, I lived with the Maasai tribe in the African Savanna and got initiated into their tribe, I learned from the worlds greatest Qigong & Kongfu Masters in China & Thailand, I went into the remotest Amazonian rainforest and learned from Shamans there, I lived in a social experiment for one month homeless on the streets of Germany. And these were just 6 out of 11 awakening experiments last year only. I realized it’s not about choosing between the rational & the spiritual, it’s about balancing the two. Ever since I am a rational spiritual bridge builder helping other people to balance their two superpowers too.


The Mask

ENFJ HSP Double pisces highly sensitive male Hs white rabbitYou may wonder, why I hide behind a mask and don’t show my real identity here. The reason is – this is not about me; this is not about the Ego, the Individual, the Sender of the message but about the message itself. The question is what do you see when your eyes are closed? It’s about sharing the deep wisdom and learnings behind my journeys and not about sharing the flashy, cool “me”. I don’t want to be worshipped. I am a simple person. I just try to inspire you, show you tools to transform yourself and coach you to face your other side. May it serve you well and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I am a HSP, ENFJ, double pisces male and I love meeting like-minded, slightly crazy people with the nothing-is-impossible kind of attitude. Find out what you are here….

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