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7 most transforming spiritual practices that induce DMT

by Chris White

Some of you will be really curious to experience DMT states of consciousness but don’t want to ingest Psychedelics or Plant Medicine.

The Good news is you don’t have to. Here are 7 transformational practices that all induce DMT.

1 - Plant medicine

Plant medicine is the use of powerful potent plants as a gift of nature to connect us with other states of consciousness, the sacred and our true nature. Most of them were used for thousands of years by Medicine Men & Shamans. The most popular ones among them are Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Iboga etc. Find more in depth Guides about various different Plant medicines here… 


2 - PSychedelics

Many people still call Psychedelics drugs. And they can be used as drugs if you’re intentions are wrong. But if you have the intention to use Psychedelics solely to heal and to face your true self than this anything but a drug. Even psychedelics are in the end based on plants. The most popular ones among them are LSD, psyco, DMT etc. Find more in depth Guides about various different Psychedelics here… 

3 - Breathwork

When I tell people that just with their Breath they can experience similar states of consciousness like on Ayahuasca, or anything the like most people are very skeptical. But it’s true. Our Breath is like the doorway to the other side. We don’t necessarily need any external substances to influence our state of being. The breath is enough. In fact even though we don’t ingest anything, Breathwork is a super powerful & potent modality, nothing you want to fool around with. Read my Full Breathwork Guide here to learn more about this beautiful modality… 

4 - Meditation

Luckily we don’t have to die or almost die to experience these non-ordinary, DMT states of consciousness. Equally as it’s not true that you have to ingest something like Psychedelics/Plant medicine to experience DMT. Get to know the 7 most effective ways of how to make a DMT experience…

5 - Consciousness lights

These are lights that bring you into transpersonal states just by using some light flickering technique. Again this is thousands of years old. People in ancient times were reported to create stone wheels, made holes inside, placed them in front of the sun and spinned them. And then through the spinning it would create a flickering effect. Nowadays this is done by modern technology. But it works on the same principles it opens up your third eye – your pineal gland. These flickering technique brings your brain waves into a different state. An interesting thing is that they did a study where they took monks who meditate all their lifes and made them use the light. And one of Thailands most respected monks said afterwards: “This light takes me in a very short time to the light I experience in my deep meditations.” Read my Full Consciousness Lights Guide here to learn more about this beautiful modality… 

6 - Floating

Floating is based on sensory deprivation. In our ordinary state of reality most of us are are constantly in our senses. We are so identified with our senses, with the external perception of the world. Transpersonal states are the opposite. It’s when you realise you are not your body, your thoughts, the external. So taking away your senses for some time proves to be very powerful. That’s what floating is doing. You are in a sort of Alien bath tub with a higher salt density than the dead sea. You just float in there effortlessly like on a pillow of water. There are no pressure points in your body anymore. There is no sound in there and it’s pitch black darkness. It feels like you become one with the water. So the power of floating is, it takes your ears away, your eyes and even your usually so strong attachment to your body. In that state you can explore who you really are. Read my Full Floating Guide here to learn more about this beautiful modality… 

7 - Darkrooms

Darkrooms are one of the highest-level practices to reach transpersonal DMT states of consciousness only very few people know about. Again this is something that ancient cultures did since thousands of years. In Egypt they used the darkness of the Pyramids, in Rome the underground network in the catacombs, In Peru, China & Europe they used caves. The Darkroom is a high-level practice only for experienced practitioners. It takes sensory deprivation to an extreme. The reason is you can’t escape in any way. You learned now that the power of floating was sensory deprivation. However in floating it’s just 1 or 2 hours. The darkroom takes away a sense that we rely on the most. Our eyes our vision and that for many days at a time. Science found that after 3 or 4 days in complete darkness DMT is synthesized in the brain. People start to see light in a place where there is supposed to be just darkness. Read my Full Floating Guide here to learn more about this beautiful modality… 

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