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An intuitive life

Imagine a life full of purpose and meaning. A life so connected with your intuition that you are guided in everything you do. Instead of fear, worry and emptiness you feel connectedness, you tap into your true creativity and inspiration. I believe this life is possible for you. Let me show you how…

Hi, I am Chris White

Nice to meet you,

As an expert on Intuition, Consciousness & Inner growth my vision is to change the world. But change starts with the individual – with YOU. 

I believe the core problem is that most people are not in balance with their two sides. With the Rational & the Spiritual. Most of us neglect one of our two sides. Most often it’s the spiritual intuitive side.


But it’s not about becoming one extreme, it’s about balancing the two. Ever since I realized that myself I not only became a rational spiritual bridge builder but also one of the happiest persons on this planet. Now I help people all over the world to balance their two superpowers too. To make them see their infinite potential and to live a fulfilled life. 

We all need at certain times, people in our lives that remind us of our infinite inner potential, people that show us the way – for that I am here.

The Power of Intuition

1 %

90% of Information travels from the Heart to the brain, not the other way round

Times Stronger

than the brain is the heart electrically 

Times Stronger

than the brain is the heart magnetically

Intuition is so much more than you think

Intellect is not your home. You are more, far more than the mind. Mind is only a small mechanism in you. It is a small instrument. No matter how many facts we gather, if we cling to logic alone, we’re using only a small percentage of our capacity to know. (some scientists say only 10 percent) Intuition is where the other 90 percent of our (brain-)power lies. Intuition is more than just some inner talk. Intuition is our 6th sense. Intuition is the future! And in this 4 week program you will learn that…


As a participant of this program
you will get...

Access to the exclusive Membership area of this 4 week online course with over 57 Videos, powerful Coaching practices & meditations. The program consists of 4 perfectly coordinated modules, which represent 4 interlinked weeks of deep personal Growth. Additionally you’ll get a powerful Digitial workbook “The Add-Up Book”, access to the Alumni Intuition Mastermind Facebook Group & as well as powerful Bonuses like my 21 Day Meditation Guide and so much more…

What is the structure of the

The course consists of 4 modules, which represent 4 interlinked weeks. Each weeks content is 

perfectly coordinated to allow ideal personal growth for you.

Week 1

Creating the foundation


In week one we examine your own status quo. We will reflect together on your own life. We will become aware of when you use your intuition. And how tight the grip of reason of our external world really is. How much you depend on the rational to lead your life. This first week is about aknowledging what is.

It’s about withdrawing the tight grip of reason, to create room to prepare you for the game changer techniques that you will learn in the weeks to come. In this week you will learn what Intuition really is, You will receive my powerful Add-Up Work Book to navigate you through this course and I will share my personal Intuition story with you. You will also learn a powerful technique to face all your fears. You will learn how to develop courage, self-discipline and will-power. And lastly we will also dive into the power of positive affirmations to create a powerful morning routine. You will not only learn to be able to create your own positive affirmations for the rest of your life but I will also provide you with powerful templates to open you up to the power of your intuition.


Week 1 Overview:


What is intuition? (the problem: over-identification with the rational)
Your personal intuition status quo
Add Up Book Intro
Add Up Book – How to use it?
The Benefits of Intuition – & The process of reconnecting with intuition
My personal intuition Story
Why is it so hard to connect with intuition and how to overcome it?
Developing courage intro
The practice of Fear Facing
Destiny vs Action
Self Mastery – Developing Self-discipline and Willpower
The practice of Positive Affirmations Intro
A personal positive Affirmation for you
Positive Affirmation my own incredible changes through them

Week 2

Building Up powerful Intuitive capabilities


Now that we withdrew your reason and created some room in week 1. It’s time to nurture this space and to use it to grow our spiritual side, our intuitive faculties. We will start this week with exploring all the different ways intuition can come to us. In the next step we will make you aware of how intuition comes to you personally and how you can reconnect with your own intuition power. At this stage you will also get free access to my Meditation Guide. I will guide you how to use Meditation as a powerful tool to open your perception for intuition even more. We will expand our morning routine from week 1 with powerful tools to reprogram your subconscious mind. 


Then you are ready to learn the heart & core of this course. My powerful Up or Down Intuition technique. I will guide you how to use it and we will practice with it together. You will learn to use this technique for every question in your life. From this day on you will have a powerful technique to answer anything in your life with the power of your intuition. In this week however, our practice focus will be in the area of intuitive eating. 


We will finish this week with some evidence of how life changing this technique is likely going to be in your own life. So powerful & life changing that I have to close week 2 with diving into synchronicities already. Because from now on these meaningful coincidences and miracles will show up more and more in your life.


Week 2 Overview:

  • General tips advices, nature etc. / different ways intuition can speak to you
  • A powerful tool to complement Intuition – Meditation Intro
  • Meditation Guide Intro + How to use it
  • Intro the Up or Down Intuition Technique
  • A special way of asking your intuition
  • The sacredness of asking a question
  • Receiving the answer
  • Intuition Bonding Guided Meditation Practice
  • Practicing Day 1 Up or Down Techn. – Intuitive Eating
  • Examining Practice Day 1
  • Example of my own amazing encounters with intuition
  • Synchronicities: How to add magic to your life

Week 3

The week that will change your life


You started this course because you seeked clarity. By the end of week 2 you already felt that there is more to life than what we see on the surface. Your intuition has already become quite powerful. You experienced the superconscious state over the last 2 weeks and that has set a process in motion. This process is about answering your call. Everything that occurs in your life from this point on is an answer to that request. This week is about unlocking the secrets and messages behind your experiences, behind the synchronicities that show up in your life more and more. You will have intuitive insights more regularly, you’ll realize how effortless and easy life can be. 

But before you can constantly access the wisdom of the superconscious, all the memories, traumas, beliefs and blocks stored in your subconscious will rise to the surface of your mind to be cleared. Now to have a clear lens for intuition to work, to live the life you deserve to live, we need to dissolve subconscious blocks and integrate their messages. This is what many ancient cultures call the Hero’s Journey.


In week 3 I will help you to navigate through your own Hero’s journey. We will start by practicing the up or down intuition technique more to continue creating a stronger bond with it. You will also learn how to make it foolproof, so that you never need to worry again, whether it’s really your intuition or just your ego talking to you. I will also tell you more about what modern science has to say to back up what you learn here. 

Halfway through week 3 you are ready to learn the Creation Cycle. You will learn the success secret of the greatest creators and artists in this world. A knowledge even Einstein relied on. You will learn how to tap into a form of creativity and inspiration you’ve never known before. 


From there we will jump down the rabbit hole to navigate through everything that still blocks you to live the life you want to life. You will learn powerful techniques to go through the darkness and you will get glimpses of what is possible once you jump down the rabbit hole and walk this path with me. In this week 3 you will learn an amazing shortcut. You will aquire the necessary wisdom to navigate through your own hero’s journey, you will reconnect with your own inner Guide. Week 3 is life transforming.


Week 3 overview:

  1. Practice Day Up or Down Technique – Personal Needs, Relationships
  2. Examining Practice Day
  3. Making the Up or Down Technique Foolproof – The double bind Strategy
  4. Modern Science digression
  5. Practicing the double bind strategy
  6. Ascent and Descent Process
  7. The Creation Cycle
  8. From have back to Be
  9. the Hero’s journey.
  10. The Shadow, The dark Cloud
  11. 3 Phases to heal
  12. How to navigate through darkness
  13. 3 phases to heal part 2

Week 4

Create your best life



Over the last 3 weeks you started to experience the power of your intuition, you opened up to your real self, to who you really are beyond your conditioned self. Naturally a lot of curiosity comes from that. You want to better understand the mysteries and miracles you experience and manifest in your life on a daily basis now. You feel the tight grip of your mind and your brain loosening. You felt the opening of your heart & gut intelligence. You had glimpses of how powerful your intuition and inner Guide has become by now. In week 4 we start to prepare you to – rise up.


We start this week by learning one last extension of the Up or Down Intuition Technique. After that you are ready to confidently use this technique to instantly access your intuition even for the deepest Questions in your life. From there we will gather everything you learned in the last 3 weeks and see how you can best use and combine this wisdom. We will also have a look at how this course is going to impact your life in the months and years to come.

I will provide you with strategies on how to integrate your learnings and how to proceed on your own hero’s journey from now on.

You will also learn powerful techniques to go through any roadblocks you will encounter from now on. As part of it you will get to know more about transpersonal modalities that will elevate you into superconsciousness within hours. This week will close with a personal Message from me, to remind you of your infinite power & potential.

We will use the superconscious state and your enhanced intuitive capabilities to create the life you want to life even far after this course.


This last module number 4 is there to create the foundation for an intuitive, guided life full of purpose, joy, and wisdom that gives you the tools and confidence to continue to work on even far after completing this course.


Week 4 overview:

How to overcome your intelligent mind
What about other Questions?
Where this course can take you?
How to use your time after this course?
The Transpersonal
5 Transpersonal modalities
How to deal with roadblocks?
Summary – How to apply everything you learned here
Examples of my own Intuition Power
A personal closing Message to you

The Work Book

From Day one a wonderful workbook accompanies you through your 4-week journey. The Add Up Book was designed to become your personal journal of Intuition. It use’s a powerful formula to reprogram your subconscious mind. This book alone is something that can change your life. In the Membership area you can download your Digital PDF Version of it.

Have a look inside

This book teaches you how to create powerful short entries using a special success formula. It’s called Add Up Book, because it adds up these positive, intuitive moments in your life. It was designed to reassure you in moments when you don’t feel great. We all have these moments when we feel down, nut now you have the Add Up Book.

The beauty is the more you use it the better and more powerful it becomes. After some time you will feel this book is a living form of positive Energy. Just having it next to you, will reassure you, guide you & give you comfort.

Life is beautiful with the Up's and the Down's. But when we are more aware of our UP's it's easier to sail through the downs. That's what the Add Up Book does for you.

Chris White

What makes this course so successful?

The answer is The UP or Down Intuition Technique. This technique is something that will change your life. It’s the heart & Core of this course. During 4 weeks you will learn how to master this powerful technique. What you’ll get from that? See below…


Reliable source of Intuition

The Up or Down Technique is a special technique of asking your intuition which bypasses your intellect and mental guardians. You will finally be able to differentiate safely between your intuition and your Ego

Fastest answer Finder

The Up or Down technique will give you the fastest way of getting an answer to ANYTHING in your life directly from your higher self

Practicable Tool

The Up or Down technique is so special because it has both elements. The intangible power of intuition accessed with a tangible technique designed for everyday use

Guide for your entire Life

Imagine you will get a companion in your life that guides you with answers that are in your highest good and delivers them faster than any rational thinking could ever do. Wouldn't that be amazing? That's what the Up or Down Technique does for you


My 21 Day Meditation Guide

Starting from week 2 you will get free access to my 21 Day Meditation Guide. On more than 97 pages you will learn the power of Meditation with beautiful illustrations. I will personally Guide you through this 21 Day journey to reap the benefits of Meditation for our Intuition process.

new approach

5 minutes a day is all you need for this powerful new approach to Meditation.. Combines Ancient wisdom + modern Science

4 powerful techniques

Combines Mindfulness techniques from Shamanic cultures, Tibetan Lamas, Monks & indigenous tribes all over the world


Boils down information of several expert Books. Makes you learn all you need to know about Meditation to get you started

21 daily instructions

Guides you through every aspect of Meditation with 21 daily instructions to finally make you succeed in Meditation

There is only one journey

Going inside yourself. No matter where you are on your own spiritual Hero’s journey, this course will help you to go even deeper. Intuition is the gateway to more spiritual awareness. Often on this journey we face a lot of darkness and confusion. This course teaches you how to navigate even through the deepest confusion. It will reconnect you with your inner guru. Once this process is completed. You don’t need to ask any outer guru for advice anymore. Intuition is to be in tune with oneself. Totally in tune with oneself. And out of that tuning solutions will arise from nowhere…

Why Am I the right person?

This course will even boost your career

Intuition beats your mind even in the realm of accomplishing! Many people believe that most successful people are successful because they have such a sharp and brilliant mind and that they see intuition as something weak. This couldn’t be further from the truth of billionaires and leading business figures. There is this reacurring pattern in their success stories. And it is nothing else but an extraordinary depth of their intuitive, spiritual life’s. Some sort of deeper wisdom by which they run their businesses. Most of them know the secret of Creation… 

Learn the Secret of Creation

Einstein, the world’s greatest artists and leading business figures all knew a secret. They knew that no discovery, no breakthrough comes through the process of rational thinking. Every breakthrough comes from a place of intuition of the heart and not from head work. And in this course you will learn how to do exactly that. How to create like these Masters. Don’t ever think that a true spiritual life is contradictory with a leading business career. It’s the other way round. A rich spiritual life supports your business and gives you meaning.

Your advantages at a glance

The powerful Up or Down Intuition technique

More than 57 Videos with coaching exercises & meditations

Exclusive Access to the Intuition Mastermind Community on Facebook

Digital Add Up Workbook & 4 Question success formula

Lifetime Access to all Videos, Content & Intuition Course Membership area

21 Day step by step Meditation Guide
+ personal Guidance

Start your 4 week journey now


Most frequent questions and answers


No but he/she is always happy, whether he/she succeeds or not. And a person not living intuitively is mostly unhappy, whether he/she succeeds or not. Success is not the criterion, because success depends on many things. 


But when you learn to reconnect with the power of your intuition you will be happy whatever the case; you will be blissful. Bliss is success to me. If you can understand that bliss is success, then I say you will succeed always. – Osho

A number of myths surround intuition. One is that you have to be born with “the gift”. If I could learn to be intuitive, you can too. We all have this inner Guide within us, but we don’t use it. You may not have used it for so long, that you may not even be aware that a Guide exists within you. 


The wonderful thing about intuition is it can return at any time and become fully activated at any age. It is an innate gift of your soul; you can forget to pay attention to it, but you can never lose it entirely. And in this course you will learn how to reactivate this Gift. How to use this superpower again.


100% not. This course will help you no matter where you are on your path. That’s the beauty of Intuition and your Inner Guide. There is no area where Intuition reaches its limits or can’t help you because this wisdom is not bound to intellectual knowledge. It helps you on any path or walk of life you’re on. Even if you consider yourself very experienced spiritually.

Of course!! You will find the payment options when you click on the “Let’s do this” button below.

While a module will be delivered each week, but is up to you when you start. You have all contents and updates for life. You can take the course completely at your own pace.

I love this course, I put all my soul and heart into it and I deeply believe in the principles in it. The testimonials on this page are from real, live people who did the work, and got some really cool results. According to my incredible attorney, I need to say this to you: DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

You may wonder, why I hide behind a mask and don’t show my real identity here?

I was super materialistic and successful at one point in my life. Totally hooked by the external shimmering world. Then I went into the spiritual for years. I came back and realized it’s not about either or, it’s about balance. But so many people are imbalanced towards the external, logical, busy world.


I wondered how can I inspire those people? How can I inspire people with my content without making this about ME? Without being part of the Influencer Ego promoting materialistic world again? I didn’t want to be the “flashy, cool guy who travels the world and does all these fancy things”. My teachings are not about ME the Sender of the message but about the message itself. 


The question is what do you see when your eyes are closed? For your intuition to work you don’t need your eyes. In fact they are hindering your Intuitive capabilities to fully blossom. For Intuition you need your inner eyes. In this course you will learn how to see with your inner eyes…

Yes you will!

In week 4 I lift the secret and show you my real identity. The mask for me has always two sides. It’s a great tool to make this not about me but about the message itself. But at the same time when you work with me, when we go deep, I expect you to open up, to become vulnerable, to let down all your masks. What goes for you goes for me too. =)

By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to my standard Terms and Conditions.