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Take Chris White’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge and you will finally learn how to succeed in Meditation without really trying. With a totally different approach this Guide showcases how Meditation can be both simple and pleasurable. 

What Readers say?

The Mediation guide was a refresher for my soul every day. It was a learning experince to be postive and most importantaly to invest in myself. I can now wake up earlier not to rush to normal routines but to reflect on what I should focus on . Asante sana for the guide from Kenya.
Michael A.
I really liked this 21 Day Meditation Guide. Especially that it is so practicable. I am sure Meditation Beginners will love this Guide. But even for myself ( A Yogi, mindfulness practitioner and avid Meditation practitioner) I was delighted to try out meditation techniques that I didn't know before. This Guide definitely brought my meditation skills to a new level.
Delilah M.
21 days of daily Meditation. I will continue because I felt how beneficial it is for me. Thank you so much Chris for creating this Guide. I didn't know before that I was able to think of nothing.
Laurin G.

Why this Guide?


Boils down information of several expert Books. Makes you learn all you need to know about Meditation to get you started

New Approach

5 minutes a day is all you need for this powerful new approach to Meditation.. Combines Ancient wisdom + modern Science

4 powerful techniques

Combines Mindfulness techniques from Shamanic cultures, Tibetan Lamas, Monks & indigenous tribes all over the world

21 daily instructions

Guides you through every aspect of Meditation with 21 daily instructions to finally make you succeed in Meditation

Have a look inside the Guide

A word from the Author

What you will learn

How to succeed in Meditation

How to cultivate a meaningful life

How to hack your mind

How to stop thinking

How to feel more inner peace

How to feel your real self more

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